2022: an active year of dissemination for ClearFarm

From January to October, this has been a busy dissemination year for the ClearFarm consortium. As the project approached its final stage, the partners participated actively in several European and international events presenting the latest research results and strengthening the links with other projects and initiatives working in related knowledge fields.

We’d like to share with you an overview of the ClearFarm’s dissemination journey in 2022. You will find information about our participation, as well as links to know more details of the events.




  • IX Remedia workshop in Spain. Presentation “Circular economy opportunities in pig and dairy farming: life cycle analysis of different European farms” by Sara Molins-Cabaní, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). https://www.redremediaworkshop.org/


  • The consortium assisted to the One EU 2022 Conference in Brussels & online, at the session “Advancing animal welfare to meet sustainability targets”. Eddie Bokkers, from Wageningen University & Research (WUR), intervened with the presentation “Animal welfare in a circular food system”, and Pol Llonch, from UAB, talked about the “Benefits (and challenges) of digital transformation of livestock agriculture for animal welfare and environmental sustainability”. Watch the full session at https://www.one2022.eu/programme/one-planet/advancing-animal-welfare-to-meet-sustainability-targets



  • At the 31st International Horticultural Congress (IHC 2022), Sara Molins-Cabaní, from UAB, presented the poster “Connecting farming systems: circular economy strategies within and between livestock and agricultural systems”. https://www.ihc2022.org/
  • The European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming / International Conference on Precision Dairy Farming included a poster presentation by Greta Berteselli, from the University of Milan: “In dairy cows is there a relation between reduced lying time measured with PLF sensors and increase salivary biomarkers of stress and immunity?”. https://www.vetmeduni.ac.at/ecplf2022
  • 19th Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies (AAAP) Animal Science Congress in Korea, where Pol Llonch, from UAB, was invited speaker with the presentation “Systematic recording of animal behaviour using PLF technologies to monitor animal welfare”. http://www.aaap2022.org/


  • The 73rd Annual Meeting of EAAP in Porto had the dedicated session “ClearFarm: A platform to control animal welfare in pig and cattle farming”, with a dozen abstracts from different research groups. Check out the book of abstracts at https://doi.org/10.3920/978-90-8686-937-4. More info is available at https://eaap2022.org
  • International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit in India, with the participation of Anna Stygar from LUKE, presenting results from LUKE PLF group on technological advances in dairy health and welfare. https://idfwds2022.com/detailed_programme
  • NJF Congress 2022, organised by the Nordic Association of Agricultural Sciences (NFJ) in Iceland, with Jarkko Niemi, from LUKE, presenting the work “Digitalising farm animal welfare labels: Review of market requirements and insights from a stakeholder survey”. https://njf2022.publicon.ee/


  • 13th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food (LCA Foods) in Peru, with the presentation “Connecting farming systems: circular economy strategies within and between livestock and agricultural systems”, by UAB team. https://perulca.com/lcafoods-lima2022/about.html
  • Animal Production and Agrodevelopment Convention 2022 in Cuba, with the presentation “Experiences with animal welfare monitoring in Europe: possible applications for livestock systems in the tropics”, by Pol Llonch, from UAB. http://www.agropatcuba2022.com/
  • 35th Convention of the Philippine Society of Animal Nutritionists. Presentation by Pol Llonch: “Novel Trends in the Assessment of Pig Welfare: The Era of Precision Livestock Farming”. https://www.philsan.org/