New additions and role changes in the ClearFarm Consortium

The tasks of innovation management and exploitation, up until now led by Syntesa, which is leaving, will be taken over by a new group that is joining the team and will work with an existing member.

The ClearFarm Consortium has experienced an important change as one of its initial members, Syntesa, has left. Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) will now lead WP5, and take on the exploitation and the innovation management of the ClearFarm platform, while the Group on Interactive Coding of Images (GICI), a research team from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), gets on board the Consortium to support the development of the software platform.

The pending tasks previously assigned to Syntesa have been distributed also among other partners, who are collaborating and sharing efforts to develop the ClearFarm platform. Wageningen University is leading the platform interface development and is involved in exploitation tasks, and together with them, UAB and Herd-itt participate in several related tasks.

Here’s more information about them:

LUKE is the leading research and expert organization in the agri-food sector in Finland. Established in 2015 by a merger of four well-known institutes, LUKE is one of the largest clusters of bioeconomy expertise in Europe. The institute employs approximately 1,300 staff and participates in dozens of international projects. LUKE research adds value for sustainable and competitive livestock business and supports decision-making in the society. As a multidisciplinary institute covering the entire food system from perspectives of both natural and social sciences, it is well-positioned to respond to challenges investigated in this project. Animal production, economics of animal welfare and smart livestock farming are the core of expertise of persons and groups involved in this proposal. LUKE and the key persons assigned to the project are involved in several national and international animal welfare-related projects. LUKE hosts Finnish Animal Welfare Centre.

GICI is a 20-years old research group within the Department of Information and Communications Engineering (DEIC) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The main scientific goal of GICI is to investigate on source data coding / data compression techniques to facilitate the ultimate societal goal: improve data transmission, storage, sharing, and quality to enable better data exploitation in multiple applications. The group focuses on the design and development of novel coding techniques, adaption of several coding stages, and contributions to international compression standards. Data curation and analysis through machine learning approaches are also researched. Scientific production consists of 90 journal papers, 140 conference papers, and 15 books (edited or authored).

Research and Technology transfer is also a major activity through contracts with public administration, space agencies and private companies; GICI has led or participated at 80 research and transfer projects. The group is composed of 5 senior researchers and 10 junior researchers (including PhD and Master students). GICI holds international collaboration with world renowned research groups and promotes staff and student exchange.

GICI (UAB-Engineering) team brings to the CLEARFARM project expertise in machine learning, which will be applied to analyse the pig and dairy cattle data gathered. Additionally, since GICI (UAB-Engineering) also has experience in developing open-source and proprietary projects, the group will support the development of the software platform, mainly in the back-end side.