Women in science: Claudia Platvoet


On 11 February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. To celebrate this Day, from ClearFarm we would like to share the experiences of women involved in the project.

Today we share an interview with Claudia Platvoet, Public Relation Manager at Eshuis, a packaging printing company. She is ahead in the newest techniques regarding to connected technology and packaging. In this interview, she voice what it can be like to work in a male dominated profession.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?
My background is in the creative advertisement business and IT / ICT before I landed in the world of packaging. The packaging world is a very solid world. When I rolled into it I was not known in the graphic world, it is a world in which a lot is happening and beautiful developments (in material, machine and process) take place. After 16 years it still appeals to me.

What is your favourite aspect of your work?
Not one day is predictable; it is a dynamic and interesting world. What I love most is networking. Get to know people and companies with interesting applications that inspire us and provide our company or products with added value. I also love to inspire customers to take things a step further and use more creativity.

Do you feel that your career would have been different if you were a man?
Yes, could have been. As a woman, maybe more doors are open to make new contacts in a world dominated by men. In the 16 years that I have been working at Eshuis, I have seen the number of women increase enormously, which is fantastic because I think a gender mixing company is the strongest because men and women complement each other well.

Have you been through any particular challenges for being a woman in a predominantly male industry?

There are always challenges, I sometimes feel that a woman needs to be more convincing to defend her opinion in a (technical) man’s world.

What is your role in ClearFarm project?

Because I am not working in a scientific institute, I am sometimes a bit unsure about my role. I try to remain critical as much as possible and to think along in the project with a practical view. My role mainly takes place at the end of the project where the data is made visible on the packaging to give the consumer insights about the product they are buying.

Any suggestions on how we can contribute to a more balanced and equal agrifood industry?

When it comes to women in households, they often make the purchasing decision in the supermarket, thus determining what is eaten. The more attention is paid to this topic, the better. We must keep informing so that a clear picture of the agrifood industry is formed.