Consumers are ready to integrate Precision Livestock Farming information in their purchases of dairy and pork products

As part of a survey conducted within the ClearFarm project, consumers from the Netherlands, Spain, Finland and Italy evaluated different functionalities of a ClearFarm app for sharing and integrating precision data in the dairy cow and pig sector.

Consumers were asked to validate different functionalities of the ClearFarm app, which provide them information about animal welfare and help them in their decision making for animal based products. In general, consumer of the four European countries like the introduced ClearFarm app and its underlying attributes.

The results of the survey indicated that consumers are willing to integrate the ClearFarm app in their regular shopping trips. Although it is often mentioned that online grocery shopping will become more important in the future, the current findings suggest that consumers would like to use the ClearFarm app in the shopping environment where they most frequently purchase food.

In addition, consumers indicate the importance of providing incentives to use the application and they value the opportunities to set personal preferences regarding animal welfare and the environmental impact as important.

Another key aspect for consumers is the organisation that manages, protects and distributes the information of the ClearFarm app. Consumers indicated no strong preference for the specific representatives of the ClearFarm organisation but agree that it should be an independent and public organisation that adheres to the EU legislation on data management and protection.

These research findings will help to design a ClearFarm system that can be accepted and used by key stakeholders of the value chains of pig and dairy cattle.