ClearFarm co-creation workshop: Presentation

Date: MAY 25, 2020

After the focus groups with consumers and companies consultations, ClearFarm organizes a co-creation workshop focus on seek blueprint solutions based on PLF technology for a better understanding of animal welfare in pig and dairy products.

The objective  of the session is to present the consumers and companies consultations and explain the methodology and working groups for pigs, dairy cows and transversal issues.

There will be time for questions related to the dynamic of the meetings and methodology.


9:00h     Introduction,  Xavier Manteca
9:10h     Presentation summary of results  of Report on the consumer needs,  Jordi  Serratosa
9.30h     Presentation summary of results of Report on the stakeholders’ requirements confronted to the consumer’
demands,  Caspar Krampe
9:50h     Presentation summary of results of Market analyses on current PLF solutions,  Anna Stygar
10:10h   Coffee Break
10:20h    Blue print solutions, Paul Ingenbleek
10:40h    Methodology of the online WG,  Jordi Serratosa
11:00h    Questions & discussion
12:00h    Closing

Location: Given the COVID restrictions, the workshop will be online.

Time:  From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.