Innovative approach to involve all the stakeholders

ClearFarm intends to involve consumers, producers, regulators and policy makers from the beginning of the project in the design of a new platform to provide animal welfare information.

One of the main challenges ClearFarm will face is reaching a solution in which consumers, producers and other users that belong to the pig and dairy cattle’s value chains can reach out information on animal welfare directly from the products from these animals.

Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems, and it is usually and specially applied when dealing with complex problems that are still poor defined or unknown. It pays special attention to the human needs involved. The method relies on a multi-disciplinary team approach, reinforcing valuable teamwork skills, and its formal problem-solving model encourages understanding and empathy for those most impacted by any problem being explored.

ClearFarm aims to strengthen its multi-actor approach since the very beginning of its execution. In this sense, during Desember and January, ClearFarm will organize different workshops with consumers and producers to meet their needs and preferences in relation to animal welfare and the best solutions to address it.