Start up of ClearFarm project in Barcelona

The ClearFarm kick-off meeting took place on 11 and 12 November in the Campus of Autonomous University of Barcelona. Over 35 scientists, experts and stakeholders of 14 partner organisations from 6 European countries met for the start of the four year research and innovation action.

Animal welfare has become a fundamental aspect of livestock production, but its assessment remains a challenge. The European project ClearFarm aims to exploit the new technological possibilities to improve animal welfare throughout the production chain, thus contributing to improved sustainable pig and dairy cattle production, the two livestock systems with more production in Europe.

In this sense, the project will co-design, develop and validate a platform that will collect data from different sensors on animal welfare and it will offer the processed information to farmers and consumers to assist their decision-making.

With plenty of open discussions planned, the kick-off meeting aimed at giving an overview of the responsibilities and expectations within the next 4 years, as well as getting off to a good start of the project.

In this sense, all the partners review the objectives and structure of the project and its challenges, and discuss about management issues to ensure the correct development of upcoming work in the coming years. Moreover, they determined next steps for making progress on the design a welfare monitoring platform for pig and dairy cattle.